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This is kokadi: We combine fashion with an eco-conscious lifestyle! We use the finest raw materials. Turkish organic cotton is the best in the world! It’s especially grown for us and of course fair traded and tailored in the EU for best quality!

Our young team is living these values. That’s why kokadi became one oft the most important specialists in eco-conscious and fashionable babywearing worldwide.

The kokadi woven baby wrap is very versatile:

You always have your hands free while you’re wearing your baby. Wherever you go, shopping in a mall, ride with a overcrowded subway or even when you’re on a hiking trip with the whole family – your little one is always with you!

Carry your baby and establish a deeper and more trustful connection. A Baby who is worn often, will not develop separation anxiety, cries less down to 40% and becomes earlier independent than other children. Ergonomic baby wearing supports the spine and a proper maturation of the hip joints as well as the maturation sense of balance. Babywearing is any way healthy, useful and helpful for you and your baby.

The baby wrap adapts to all sizes and you can carry your baby from birth to the age of about three years or even longer!
The kokadi woven wrap allows to carry your child in many different ways depending on the duration of your journey or the weight of your child. A baby wrap remains a life time. It can be used as a hammock, a swing, a sun shield, a blanket and can be inherited to next generations.

  • Doll Carriers - Mini Tai Tai

    Doll Carriers - Mini Tai Tai (3)

    Kokadi Australian Stockist Our kokadi warps are now available for doll mums and dads! Now they can carry their cuddly toys or dolls, while you carry your baby in a kokadi baby wrap. With the kokadi miniTai your littleone can take a cuddly friend anywhere. It's a wonderful and detailed doll carrier and is perfect for doll and Teddy parents.
  • Kokadi Accessories

    Kokadi Accessories (18)

  • Kokadi Blankets

    Kokadi Blankets (3)

    The baby blankets by KOKADI are fluffy, extra soft and so cuddly. They are made of extra soft and fluffy innovative 4-layers of bamboo fabric. The motive is woven in jacquard weave by colored yarn (no print). So you and your baby will enjoy this amazing baby blanket for long time. These baby blankets in high quality and fantastic designs and colors are the absolutely must-haves for your babies and toddlers. Material: 100% bamboo Measure: 120x 120 cm Weight: 280g/m2
  • Kokadi Performance Carriers

    Kokadi Performance Carriers (1)

    Sporty and airy, we present to you our new kokadi Flip Performance . The Flip Performance Air features soft polyester mesh, seat support and hip belt, and allows good air circulation to help you avoiding those unfortunate sweaty moments. The padded knees provide extra comfort and cushion shocks during sports activities. It is particularly well suited for sports parents and hot summer days.
  • Kokadi TAITAI

    Kokadi TAITAI (3)

    Kokadi TaiTai Australian Stockist The kokadi TaiTai baby carrier is a so-called Half Buckle carrier, which has only one buckle (Buckle) on the waist belt. The long and soft shoulder straps has to be tied/knotted. They can be crossed while wearing at the front or on the back. The headrest is also completely made of sling fabric and can be attached to the shoulder straps. It supports the child's head when it’s asleep. The headrest can be used as headgear for protection against sun, wind and rain. Furthermore, rolled up and buttoned in the shoulder straps it 's a additional neck support.
  • WrapTai

    WrapTai (2)

    The kokadi WrapTai combines the best qualities of the woven wrap with the simplicity of a baby carrier. The straps spread out flat across the wearer’s back and shoulders, so there is plenty of room on the straps and the body panel to see our beautiful patterns. Because the straps spread out flat, they do not create any pressure points, so the WrapTai is perfect for anyone experience back, neck, or shoulder discomfort, or anyone wanting an exceptionally comfortable carrier. The WrapTai can be tightened easily and quickly, in just a few steps, and it is secured with double knots on the waist belt and the the shoulder straps. Baby can be worn on the front or back. The waist and body panel adjustment is just like our Flip: continuous seat adjustment with internal velcro. The adjustable waist band and the soft back panel of the wrap fabric hold the the baby’s body in an anatomically safe and comfortable position.
  • Water Carriers

    Water Carriers (6)

    Kokadi Australian Stockist All your Water Carrier Needs! Baby Water Carrier, Baby Water Ring Slings & Baby Water Tai Tai's
  • Kokadi Flip

    Kokadi Flip (7)

    kokadi FLIP - the baby carrier made of the original wrap fabric with hip belt and shoulder straps to buckle. (Fullbackle)
  • Kokadi Woven Wraps

    Kokadi Woven Wraps (5)

    Kokadi Stockist Australia kokadi is fashion straight from the heart. And ever so practical. kokadi wraps are made from high-quality organic cotton in jacquard weave and trendy design. You can choose from cool and young colour combinations. kokadi baby wraps are a beautiful accessory in which your own „little star“ will feel safe and comfortable. And you will also look great and you will enjoy the flexibilty offered by a kokadi wrap.