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Kokadi Australian Stockist. Offering Take Home Lay-by, Excellent Service & Express Shipping we are located Half way between Gold Coast and Brisbane.
Kokadi Gold Coast Stockist
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This is kokadi: We combine fashion with an eco-conscious lifestyle! We use the finest raw materials. Turkish organic cotton is the best in the world! It’s especially grown for us and of course fair traded and tailored in the EU for best quality!

Our young team is living these values. That’s why kokadi became one oft the most important specialists in eco-conscious and fashionable babywearing worldwide.

The kokadi woven baby wrap is very versatile:

You always have your hands free while you’re wearing your baby. Wherever you go, shopping in a mall, ride with a overcrowded subway or even when you’re on a hiking trip with the whole family – your little one is always with you!

Carry your baby and establish a deeper and more trustful connection. A Baby who is worn often, will not develop separation anxiety, cries less down to 40% and becomes earlier independent than other children. Ergonomic baby wearing supports the spine and a proper maturation of the hip joints as well as the maturation sense of balance. Babywearing is any way healthy, useful and helpful for you and your baby.

The baby wrap adapts to all sizes and you can carry your baby from birth to the age of about three years or even longer!
The kokadi woven wrap allows to carry your child in many different ways depending on the duration of your journey or the weight of your child. A baby wrap remains a life time. It can be used as a hammock, a swing, a sun shield, a blanket and can be inherited to next generations.

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Showing 1–12 of 32 results