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  • Kicks (Kokadi Shoes)

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    Kokadi Australian Stockist - Worldwide Shipping Why does baby get to have all the fun—want to wear kokadi all by yourself? Looking for something that goes perfectly with your favorite kokadi tote? Is your child growing out of being worn, but you still love our kokadi designs? Then kokadi WrapKicks are an ideal companion. The style and comfort for your feet is just as important as the style and comfort of our baby carriers. We use our popular wrap designs and fabrics on the upper portion of our shoes. Like our wraps, they come in 100% cotton and in mixed blends like cotton and bamboo viscose. Like all of our products, kokadi WrapKicks are made fairly and from organic fabrics. Available in sizes 36-41 (german sizing). Shoes run slightly large in length and instep. Only while supplies last.
  • Kokadi Nappy Organiser

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  • Kokadi Suck Pads (Strap Protectors)

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    Kokadi Australian Stockist kokadi strap protectors for your baby carrier We know that teething babies tend to turn to TaiTai´s or Flip´s straps. So we created our kokadi strap protectors. Simple hook-and-loop open anc close the strap protectors easily. The kokadi strap protectors preserve your baby carrier colors and form. Material: 100 % cotton (certified organic) One pair included
  • Leg Warmers

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    Kokadi Australian Stockist kokadi legwarmers The kokadi legwarmers are practical and keep baby legs warm and protected. material: 80%cotton, 17% polyamide, 3% elastane size: 24 x 8 cm You'll love our designs! When you carry your baby in your baby wrap outdoors during summer and winter your baby will be exposed to the elements. Sun in the summer and in winter cold and wind. The infants pants ride up and tend to expose your babies legs to the elements. We have the solution you've been looking for. Our Kokadi leg warmers will keep your babies legs protected from the sun in the summer and from the cold and wind in the winter. Our designs are soft and elastic to allow for any size baby. The smooth elastic waistband will ensure that the leggings do not slip or ride up and therefore protect your babies precious skin from the elements.