Pupidu is the sister company of kokadi, the label with the star, famous for baby carriers and baby wraps. The success story of kokadi already combines ecology and fashion. Pupidu continues kokadi’s footsteps and has very good potential to become a trendsetter on the cloth nappy market: modern design, sustainable production, fair working conditions and high-quality fabrics.

With Pupidu, a system of cloth nappies was born in 2014 to suit modern babys and parents. Pupidu may become a real trendsetter on the market of cloth nappies – as kokadi has already become on the market of baby carriers and baby wraps.

Pupidu is easy on the purse and helps to prevent waste – your active contribution in terms of sustainability! Furthermore, Pupidu only features natural fabrics and is soft to baby’s sensitive skin to make you and your baby feel good. And with it’s trendy designs – already known from kokadi – Pupidu cloth nappies are more than simple nappies, they are your baby’s first accessory!

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