Bed Wetter/ Older Child Overnight Cloth Nappies

Chubba Bubba Boutique’s Amazing Range of washable Bedwetter Pants is a pull-up style super absorbent pant for older children that need night time protection!

Bedwetting Cloth Nappies for Older Children or Special Needs Children.

Highly absorbent, leak-proof pants for bedtime. If you’re after a nighttime solution for your toddler or older child who may have outgrown their night nappy then these are the pants for you.

Chubba Bubba Boutique caters to the potty training world with children’s cloth diapers and overnight bedwetting solutions for toddlers through adults.

We do accomodate many requests through the special-needs community to begin making our products larger.

We specialize in helping with delayed potty training, as well as youth, adolescent, and adult incontinence – To Order for Older Adolescents & Adults please CONTACT US

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