2.0 Pull Ons - Toilet Training Undies Washable

Super Undies Australia – Pull Up Toilet Training Undies

Reusable Washable Pull Up’s – Toilet Training Undies Australia
Potty Training a toddler can only be done through a few points every parent has to hit and here’s how our Potty Training Pants hit that mark!
1. Your toddler MUST feel wet – This gives him a tactile experience to relate the act of peeing and helps him learn. It also provides an incentive to want to be changed and not pee in the future (A.K.A. – Potty Train). These Potty Training Pants deliver a wet feeling!
2. Consistency – This is the job of the parents. Of course, your toddler won’t remember to go all the time at first so set an alarm and do what you have to! Consistency is key and by switching to cloth which absorbs less, these Potty Training Pants help build in accountability!
3. Don’t be afraid! In the Boy Scouts, their motto is Be Prepared. If you’re prepared than you have nothing to fear. You’ll know what can go wrong in potty training and how to prevent it! These Potty Training Pants are waterproof and that means that even the worst of accidents become manageable with Super Undies!

Our Pull-on Undies 2.0 has the following features…
* Waterproof wet zone – Whew!
* Stretchy side tabs – your hero can operate them himself!
* Inner absorbency – but not too much or we miss the mark!
* Hidden pocket – Yes! Now we can add more absorbency in these, instead of going back into a diaper.

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