Weighted Blankets

Chubba Bubba Boutique Provides Weighted blankets to people with special needs, adults and children who have restless sleep, therapists and nursing homes, childcare centres and also hospitals all over Australia and the world.

Chubba Bubba Boutique Source all weighted Blankets are made locally in Australia, customised to your needs from colour to weight and then finished to a high-quality standard in our Australian factory.

Our weighted blankets have helped countless people get the rest they need and is also recommended by occupational therapists as an aid for people with autism, cerebral palsy, restless leg syndrome, dementia, anxiety issues just to name a few. With our micro glass bead fill you get a better sleep as there is hardly any noise when you move around.

Reasons why you should buy one of our weighted blankets:

  • Super quiet design, perfect for sleeping.
  • Hygienic micro glass bead fill. We don’t use rice, sand or poly pellets.
  • 2-3 day’s required to make your blanket ensuring you get it as quick as possible.
  • Our aim is to be the most affordable weighted blanket supplier in Australia.
  • Washable design and double stitched design.
  • 100% Made in Australia by a family run business (s)
  • We give back to the community

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Showing all 2 results