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pupidu cloth nappie with snaps – Frieda in Wonderland We would like to introduce you to a WORLD EXCLUSIVE! Thanks to pupidu there is a new generation of cloth diapers! Thanks to pupidu there is a new generation of cloth diapers! Our passion comes from our sister brand kokadi. Now we combine our passion for woven wraps with cute cloth diapers! We’re the first company that is able to laminate Jacquard fabric. And voila – our new pupidus! The new pupidu cloth diapers are made of skin-friendly and beautiful woven organic materials. They will redefine the cloth diaper generation with their simultaneously water-repellent and breathable properties!The inside is the same design as the previous pupidus. A hybrid diaper snap-in-one and a pocket bag for extra padding. This diaper system has it all! pupidu is a Snap-in-One (SIO) nappy which comprises the pupidu-Panties (outer shell) and the pupidu – Basic-Soaker Pad (in this set included). Both elements are provided with snaps to snap the Soaker pads in the panties. Despite being a one size nappy, pupidu fits comfortably newborn babies up to toddlers because of its size settings and an adjustable waist. We offer two kinds of Soaker Pads such as our Basic-Soaker Pad (to be used for every change) and our Extra-Soaker Pad (to be used team with the Basic-Soaker Pad to make it a super-dry nappy). Especially at night we recommend to use the Extra-Soaker Pad to keep your baby dry (in this set excluded). • The outer diaper 70% GOTS certified cotton, 30% bamboo viscose, laminated with polyurethane, inside cotton mesh, 100% polyester • The basic soaker is made of 80% cotton / 20% polyester on the upper layer and 100% cotton in the inner layer! • Extra Soaker is made of  80% bamboo viscose / 20% polyester. Both elements are provided with snaps (press studs) to lock it deposits into panties – so nothing can slip! • the pupidu panties with  snaps are  front adjustable in size, so that it fits from birth until the end of the winding time -. Corresponding to children of about 3.5 up to 16 kg pupidu – loves your baby just like you

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